We had an action filled trip today with the Levine Charter, we ran north again to the reef we have been fishing, but found green water, and no current, and very little action in spite of heavy chumming with ground bonita and oats. The great yellowtail snapper fishing we had been experiencing seems to have dried up. While we were drifting this reef it wasn’t a total loss however because we did catch two large Blacktip Sharks on bonita slabs.

We then ran offshore to the drop off and here we found much better conditions, cleaner water and a little north bound current. There was not enough wind to put up a kite, so we set out two bottom fishing rods with high low rigs, two mid water rods with gang hooks, and a flat line spinner with a live goggle eye.

It didn’t take long for the bottom rods to start producing various reef fish, and then the chum started attracting bonitas and Rainbow Runners. Light spinning rods with small hooks were brought out and the family had a blast catching these speedsters.

During a lull in the action from the bonita, all of a sudden the flat line google eye got blasted in a huge eruption of white water and the spinning reel started screaming. After a few minutes of give and take a real nice King Mackeral was brought to the boat and gaffed.

We now had 6 Rainbow Runners, a few bonita and the large King Mackeral in the box, so we decided to try some trolling as we headed back to the marina. We put out a six rod spread of bonita strips and rigged ballyhoo and trolled for about five miles along the drop off, but only managed 1 bonita, which managed to pull the hook during the fight. We’ll get him next time !


Blacktip Sharks 4/26/18

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