I had repeat clients, John Scaramucci and John Follini out today for drift fishing Palm Beach with a  full day of fishing. Chartering the boat for the entire day allowed us to try several different fishing styles. We started out the day trolling, working our way north of the inlet we went out about 5 miles to water 650 feet deep. We saw lots of rip lines and color changes but couldn’t find any hungry fish. The weather was beautiful with very little wind and flat calm seas and I think sometimes the fish just won’t bite when the conditions are too nice. I guess the bright sunlight drives the pelagic fish deeper in the water column.

We trolled back into shallower water and setting up inside the drop off we started drift fishing using cut bonita, sardines, and cut jack as bait. This proved to be the right decision as we started catching mutton snappers, porgies, groupers, gray and Queen triggers, and other assorted reef fish. Good tasting fish went into the fish box, ornamental reef fish were released. There were 3 stone fish and a lot of squirrel fish, so some care had to be taken to avoid a lot of nasty spines today!

One of the highlights of the trip was when a rod up on the bow started screaming after a king mackeral slammed the flat lined goggle eye we had on as bait. By the time we got up to the rod, the fsh had dumped all of the mono and was into the braid backing on the reel. After a few minutes of boat maneuvering, we were able to get control of the situation and a nice fat mackeral went into the fish box.

We finished up the day between Lost Tree and the Juno Beach drop off and had an easy run back to Sailfish Marina, still on flat seas, and I had a bunch of fish to clean !!


Drift Fishing Palm Beach 3/16/18

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