I received a call from Mark Poehl the other day, asking me if I could take his family drift fishing in Palm Beach. I didn’t see this as a problem because for the last two days the big pelagic bite had really dropped off and I knew that kite fishing for sails, mahi, and kings was going to be very tough. The family was taking a Florida vacation because son Lucas is about to join the Army, I thank you for your service !

We left the inlet at 8 AM to flat seas, and I turned the boat north to some good reef area I had been wanting to check out for drift fishing. I had brought sardines and squid for the bottom rods and it didn’t take long to start getting good bottom bites. The crew caught porgies, mutton and yellowtail snappers, triggers, and of course the ever present remoras on high/ low  rigs. The live goggle eyes on the flat line rod didn’t get any attention today.

We fished the first reef area for about an hour and a half with depths between 80 to 90 feet and then I decided to try the drop off area at Juno Beach. Here the bottom bite shut off, but then I saw that we had attracted a bunch of bonita and rainbow runners with our cut baits, so I broke out some light spinning rods with small gold hooks and the charter had a blast flat lining small pieces of bait to these speedsters. The bonita will be used for bait on future fishing charters, and the Rainbow Runner is going to become sashimi for tonight’s dinner.

I tried getting a shark on our shark rod for Lucas us,  using a large Jack Crevalle as bait, but as luck would have it our bottom snapper rod caught a large Blue Runner, which in turn got inhaled by a large Bull Shark. Unfortunately the 30 lb line and light rod were no match for a large Bull Shark and he quickly had his way with the runner and then left the neighborhood!

This was a fun trip and I’m sure the family is going to remember it for a long time as a great send off for Lucas.


Drift Fishing Palm Beach 4/4/18

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