I got a call from Kevin yesterday, his family was going to a wedding Friday night, so they couldn’t make an early trip, would I start the charter at 10:30? I figured why not, so we agreed on 10:30 to 4:30. My group showed up this morning and we took off. I decided to head north today because I heard the Kingfish bite to the south had died out, and I hadn’t fished up north in about 3 months! The troll bite was dead, not a touch in an hour and a half, so I switched over to drift fishing and someone turned on the lights ! We got King Mackerel, big Bonita’s, major Bull Sharks swimming under the boat, and a bunch of Rainbow Runners we kept for sashimi! Everybody had a blast, including Charley the family dog!

Drift Fishing Palm Beach 6/8/19

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