I had the Matt Brestle family on board today and the highlight of the trip was catching Flying Fish ! We left the inlet and started trolling right out of the gate, but we didn’t see much to attract our attention except for the occasional Flying Fish. We did manage a couple of small bullet bonita, but nothing really to get excited about. As we trolled we would scare up the usual schools of flying fish, but nothing unusual about that.

About 5 miles north of the inlet I put the boat into neutral and started a north drift, occasionally chumming with horse oats and ground bonita. John the mate, put out a live bullet bonita which immediately got hammered by something big and fishy. Glenn started working the fish in, either a large kingfish or a wahoo, when the reel started screaming all over again. Glenn’s fish got sharked and the line then broke so we never did see what had initially eaten the bonita.

We continued fishing, getting sharked another time, and then loosing 2 kingfish bite offs. When the mahi showed up around the boat, I put out a small spinning rod with small gold hook and a fluorocarbon leader. We were able to get one mahi on the spinning rod, and then a trigger on one of the bottom rods. After the mahi was boated I put a small chunk of bonita back on the gold hook and set the rod down with about 25 feet of line out. In a couple of minutes the rod tip started dancing around and one of the anglers was able to boat a Flying Fish. This was a first for me, I had never gotten one on hook and line before. My surprise grew even greater when we caught a second, and then a third Flying Fish. I may have started something new here and I am definitely going to use this trick again in the future.




Flying Fish 4/29/18

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