Laura Miller brought her sons and friends out today and the goal was to get a sailfish in Palm Beach. We left the inlet and headed north to fish the area between Lost Tree and Juno Beach. A weather front was moving in and the freshening breeze turned the fish on, instead of yesterday’s lackluster bite. Twelve year old Ethan had been out with me last year and he really has great angling skills. He proved it again by catching the first fish, a nice mutton snapper, which went into the fishbox for dinner.

John the mate had just gotten the kite baits out when all of a sudden there was a major commotion going on under the long bait and Vinny found himself hooked up to a large, very angry Sailfish. He had come down to Florida to get a Sailfish in Palm Beach, so he was really pumped. This was his first Sail and the fish really put on a show, peeling drag, emptying the reel of line, and I had to do some fancy boat work to keep us in the same county as the fish. Vinny did a great job with the fish and we soon had the Sail under control and then released to fight another day

Mike and Gavin also contributed to the dinner effort, catching triggers, grunts, and other bottom fish so that back at the cleaning table there was a nice pile of fillets to take home for dinner.

The weather front continued to pile in and the wind and seas started to build. Pretty son both Ethan and Gavin were not feeling very good, so we decided to pull the plug on the trip early to give these two a break. Since the wind was coming from the north and we had headed north when we left in the morning, we had very smooth sailing going back to Lake Worth Inlet.


Get A Sailfish in Palm Beach 3/26/18

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