We had a weather forecast of winds from the  northeast at 15-20 knots, seas 4 to 6 feet with an occasional 8 footer thrown into the mix today, after a week of much the same forecast. This morning’s charter consisted of novice anglers so I decided to take them fishing in the intercoastal channel instead of beating them up out on the ocean. We had a conference when all of the anglers boarded and they seemed to appreciate the idea that they could go fishing in the intercoastal channel without the threat 0f seeing their breakfasts for a second time this morning.

I headed north up the intercoastal channel trolling some small Clarke spoons. I thought I would troll up to the end of the Lake Worth Lagoon, but a solid wall of rainfall at Munyon Island convinced me to turn around and head back South. While trolling we picked up a nice Lane Snapper, but not the expected Spanish Mackeral or Bluefish.

Once we got back down to the Sugar Sands area we dropped the anchor and started chumming. It didn’t take long for the word to get out to our fishy neighbors and pretty soon my anglers were catching Catfish, Jacks, Blue Runners, Lane Snappers, and Tomtate Grunts. Small pieces of bonita on little gold hooks were the ticket on light spinning rods.

The rain clouds blew through, the wind slacked off and we had a great morning with light tackle action. Everybody on board got several fish and when we got back to the marina I saw that fishing on the ocean had been spotty, with several boats getting large fish, but most of the anglers had not caught anything. I always figured a little action is better than no action, and today certainly proved that to be true, and the intercoastal channel is my new best friend!


Intercoastal Channel Fishing 5/5/18

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