I was hoping to catch King Mackeral in Palm Beach today, I hoped the charter would too ! We left this morning in flat calm seas, ran north to the reef I have been fishing the last few days and immediately noticed a change. Water clarity was not as good as it had been, and the fish were not biting as actively as they were yesterday.

We started the 4 gentlemen bottom fishing and soon triggers, grunts, sand tile fish, and a few small yellowtail snappers were coming up, but not in the quantity we saw previously. The barracuda that had been schooling around were not present, and thankfully neither were the blacktip sharks that had been patrolling the reef, making it tough to boat quality fish.

Highlights of the trip included a 20 inch, out of season, red grouper, that was released, and the star of this trip, a nice King Mackeral that John caught on a triple gang hook rig baited with a whole sardine and drifted mid water column.

I knew at this point that we had to think about returning to the marina so we pulled in the bottom rods and put out a six rod trolling spread with the same lures we had used yesterday. We ran out to 2 hundred feet and then headed south, but today was definitely a different day, and we had no hits on the trolling lures. Even the bonitas had lock jaw today !

Back at the marina we accumulated a nice mound of bottom fish fillets and King Mackeral, and the anglers were discussing how much they were going to appreciate a fresh fish dinner.  I think I was more disappointed than they were because the fishing on that reef had been so good the last few trips. Tomorrow we will try a new area !


King Mackeral in Palm Beach

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