Two trips today, it was pretty windy at first but the catching was good for bottom fish, Mahi and King Mackeral. The morning trip was in the Intercoastal Channel because of the wind and I took Ana and Rodney Rantala and Donna and Terry Jasper bottom fishing. The two couples were down from Toronto, Canada for a business meeting, this was a side excursion to get a better look at paradise ! Using shrimp and light spinning rods we drifted the Lake Worth inlet area and caught Sheepshead, Porkfish and about 6 other species of bottom fish. The charter boats that tried to fish the ocean wound up coming in early because of rough seas, but we had a very¬† pleasant excursion. In afternoon trip we went back out into the ocean, as the wind and seas had laid down, with John Pelzer. Although John was an experienced angler, he had never caught a kingfish down here, so I made sure to target that species. I ran the boat north of Singer Island and went on the drift in about 120 feet of water. We put up a kite and set out a couple of live goggle eyes, but they didn’t draw any attention from the local pelagics. When I put the boat in gear and started to bump troll some live baits we got the desired response. In short order John put a 25 pound kingfish in the boat from the kite, and then a smaller 12 pound mahi from a flat lined spinning rod. John was very pleased with the results and he and his wife had a fresh fish dinner at Sailfish Marina. Not a bad way to end a fishing trip and his vacation because he had to return to the frigid Midwest the next day !




Bottom Fish, Mahi and King Mackeral Palm Beach 2/24/18

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