I had a couple of gentlemen from South Carolina take the ride down here because they wanted to catch Mahi Mahi in Palm Beach. I thought this was a reasonable request so this morning we took off at 7:30 and pointed the bow of the boat east. With all of the rain we have been having no one has been fishing so this was really an exploratory trip.

We put the eight line spread in at one hundred feet and I worked our way out to even hundred feet. Fishing or I should say catching, was a little on the slow side at first, but we kept plugging away at it and we were finally rewarded. Our first and largest fish of the day was about 22 pounds and managed to get hooked on it’s gill plate. This made the fish nuts and she took off, almost spooling a 30 International before we got the other lines cleared and the boat slowed down. Because of the hook placement the fish had a lot of sideways leverage and the angler had a tough time getting the fish to the boat. I think this one fish took the better part of a half hour to get to the gaff. It turned out that a rigged ballyhoo with a pink sea witch was her undoing.

I kept working the boat between one hundred and fifty and seven hundred feet deep and we picked up three more nice Mahi Mahi. Rigged bonita strips with octopus skirts caught two and a blue and white Islander chugger head over a ballyhoo caught out last mahi.

I was very pleased with the results of this trip because it had been about a week since we were last out, or anybody else for that matter, so it was great to see this kind of catch. The anglers had such a good time, we are going back out tomorrow !


Mahi Mahi in Palm Beach 5/23/18

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