No charter today so I took mate John and some of his buddies Mahi Trolling today for a quick trip. It’s been so rainy this past week, no one has been fishing so this was really an exploratory trip. Two other boats were out Mahi Trolling today, Miss Annie and Reel Candy so we were able to work together. Putting out a six rod spread of rigged ballyhoo and bonita strips, we started working east, dodging some major rain storms along the way. We picked up our first mahi trolling in 600 feet of water, and I continued east until we reached 750 feet of water. Doubling back I picked up another mahi when we hit 600 feet, and this was the same area that Real Candy picked up their mahi trolling.

Although it was fairly calm, two of our crew started to feel queasy so we pulled the plug early and headed back to the marina, time to clean the boat and fillet the mahi !


May is Mahi Trolling Month ! 5/18/18

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