A great 4 hour trip this morning for the Bill Silberman group from Del Rey, Fl that turned out to be a Sailfish Charter in Palm Beach. There was a hard northwest wind blowing this morning when we left the dock so I decided to run up north along the beach to get some wind protection from the land. This proved to be the right move because the seas were flat.

We set up in 60 feet of water because Bill’s group was more interested in catching bottom fish then Sailfish, but wouldn’t you know it, the fish on in 65 feet of water was a big Sailfish. Bill did a great job of fighting his first Sail, and we soon had a clean release.

A variety of small reef fish started coming up such as porgies, triggers, and French grunts and then Bill brought in a real nice Mutton Snapper on a mid-water kingfish bait. Don’t ask me how a bottom dwelling snapper got a mid water bait that was weighed down with a one ounce egg sinker ?? Clearly this fish swam up the water column because the wind was pushing us along at a pretty good clip and the bait could not have been very deep. . Things were going very smoothly until a dedicated snapper rod started screaming up on the bow. Steve started fighting our “snapper”, but 45 minutes later a 7 to 8 foot Bull Shark came up! This was on a 30 pound class rod, so Steve was pretty shot after the release.

After the chaos had calmed down, and all the rods were untangled we went back to bottom fishing, and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the dock. Since I had headed north when we left the inlet, we now had the seas behind us on the return, so we had a very nice ride home.

Sailfish Charter In Palm Beach 3/21/2018

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