This is the third trip the Ogden family has booked with me and I always look forward to fishing with them. When Dayton Senior called me to confirm the trip two days ago, his first question was were there any Sailfish in Palm Beach ? I answered there had been before the blow, we’ll just have to look around when we get out there. We turned right out of the inlet and headed north to just off of the condos in 150 feet of water. The seas were not too bad because we were running with the wind, but there was a tight three to four foot chop.

John the mate had just gotten the kite up and was dragging the first Goggle Eye out to the kite when it got slammed by a big hungry Sailfish. The bait had not even made it out to the kite when this fish started dancing across the water. Eleven year old Dayton III was our designated angler today, and he handled this fish like a pro, but after a couple of minutes of head shaking the sail was able to throw the hook. Ok, that’s fishing, let’s get back to it !

John got our Goggle eyes back out under the kite, and once again there was no time to relax or get settled in, a large mahi grabbed our far bait and started swimming west like he had an urgent appointment. Some how he manage to foul the near Goggle eye and when Dayton started putting some heat on the fish the line broke. Ok, that’s fishing, and I’m having one of those days !

While all this craziness is going on under the kite, I have a snapper line in the water on the down sea side of the boat. All of a sudden that rod tip starts twitching and Junior is finally able to get a nice vermilion snapper in the boat without me pulling out any more of my hair!

The three to four foot waves caught up to Junior and he started to feel a little queasy so Dad and Grandpop decided to pull the plug and we ran home after fishing for an hour. Dayton Jr. can’t wait for his next fishing adventure, so the family is already looking at new dates.


Sailfish in Palm Beach 3/30/18

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