Interesting charter today as Jimmy, 13 year old Rian  and Jose climbed on board. Oh yeah, Jose had 4 legs, not two. We went north out of the inlet, put out the live baits and not very long after both spinning rod flat lines go off. One fish breaks off immediately, but fish number two dives to the bottom and stays there. An hour later, Jimmy is hanging in there, the Penn Torque rod is hanging in there, and Jose is getting bored. Jimmy finally gets a 6 foot brown shark to the surface and we get the release. Everybody is pretty impressed until they see the 12 foot Hammerhead that then comes by to check out the fun, then we get real impressed !  Jimmy was out of gas at that point so I didn’t put a bait out for the Hammerhead. After that things calmed down and we got a bunch of bottom fish and then ran back in on flat seas.


IMG_2248 IMG_2251 IMG_2255

Drift Fishing Palm Beach 3/22/17

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