Aiden has a birthday coming up so what does he ask Dad for ?? A fishing trip of course. Aiden and Dad joined us today and the main request was to try and get a big shark. How tough could that be ?? We headed up North to the Juno drop off and set up the boat on the drift, only to find we had a south current today. Ok, we’ll give this a few minutes and see what happens. Well we put all the baits out and in no time Dad gets bitten off by a King Mackerel. I put on a fresh rig and this time Dad connects and hands off the rod to Aidan. Big mackerel, small angler, this was fun ! It took two times but I was able to gaff the fish and get it in the box. Then after a few more bite offs I decided to run further north to cover the territory I was missing because of the south drift. Good move, we set up and pretty soon after we got bitten by a shark. Unfortunately it was on a live goggle eye on a spinning rod intended for King Mackerel and Sailfish. Dad and Aiden did a terrific job of fighting the fish for almost an hour, but unfortunately the 30 pound test line was just not intended to bring in big Hammerhead sharks and finally the line parted. The Boys had a great time and I look forward to fishing with them again.

Shark Fishing Palm Beach 4/23/19

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