I knew today was going to be a fun trip from the get go. I had three teenage boys and their fathers coming out with me so I planned to run up north and drift fish with them because there had been a lot of action up there. Sure enough we got set up on the drift, started chumming, and pretty soon my anglers were getting dragged all over the boat by giant Bonitas. This was pretty cool and things only got better when the sharks showed up and I put out a bonita slab. It didn’t take long for that to get eaten ! We started to troll back south, but an angry weather front came blasting through so we pulled in the lines and made the 10 mile run back to the marina just before the rain started. The front wore itself out after about 10 minutes so after waiting 45 minutes to be sure I decided to take the group back out and this time we headed south of the inlet. Trolling didn’t produce anything but weeds, but as soon as I put the boat on the drift my anglers hooked up and landed two nice King Mackerel who were invited to dinner ! Angry clouds started to close in again, so I pulled the plug on this trip and we ran back to the dock.

Sharks Fishing Palm Beach 6/19/19

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