This trip will always stick in my mind for a number of reasons, my customer wanted to take his 10 year old son Snapper Fishing in Palm Beach, so off we went. I headed north again because I’ve had such good fishing up there lately. The seas were flat calm, the water a crystal clear blue, and the young man, Braydon was full of questions and eager to experience the snapper fishing here in Palm Beach.

I pulled up to my spot, gave father and son rods with high low rigs and watched the chaos unfold. Each time the rigs hit the bottom yellowtail snappers jumped all over the baits. We were using a mix of shrimp, squid, sardines and cut blue runner, but it really didn’t matter, the snappers were hungry!

Even more exciting was that because of the exceptional water clarity, we could see the local sharks and Barracudas getting very excited and periodically we would loose a snapper to the local predators. When schools of bullet bonita moved in I put out a spinning rod with a small hook and a piece of cut bait. In no time Braydon was hooked up to one of these speedsters and loving the fight. The Barracudas took great interest in this experience also and a 4 footer came in and cut the bonita in half. When Braydon lowered the head and wiggling forward half back in the water, the Barracuda came back and finished his meal.

Braydon and his Dad caught Snappers, groupers, triggers, porgies, sharks and Barracuda but more importantly they shared a great day on the water. This was really a National Geographic kind of experience, and I’m sure they will both be talking about the day for a long time to come. We only kept six fish, and when we got back to the dock I filleted them and the marina restaurant cooked up a great lunch for my two anglers.


Snapper Fishing in Palm Beach 4/8/18

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