We had a little competition today, some Tournament Fishing for the Flavors and Extract Manufacturers Association ( a different FEMA !). I knew it would be tough to beat Capt. Rob on the Real Deal because right out of the gate he nailed a Sailfish and two small blackfin tuna.The categories were largest fish, angler with most fish,and smallest fish. So I consulted with my crew and  we decided to go down and dirty. We trolled north with Bob, but when he turned offshore and south we kept going north. The troll only produced one jumbo sized bonita so I was glad to go on the drift.

Drifting north and chumming like crazy we started producing Bonitas, Rainbow Runners, extra large sharks, remoras, and every other trash fish you can think of. We really had the trash can grand slam ! The rules for this Tournament Fishing didn’t exclude this, so I went for it. Nicole reeled in the largest fish of the tournament, and of her life, a shark that straightened a 14/0 hook, right at the time of the release. I gave her the hook as a souvenir of her Florida fishing experience. Andrew took high fish honors, with 5 Bonitas and a rainbow runner. I think we took the smallest fish category with a 5 inch Remora that was piggy backing on a larger one we boated. I told you it was down and dirty !

Before I knew it we were almost north of Jupiter and running out of time. I had to shift the boat into hyperdrive to get back to the dock by 5:oo PM, luckily we had smooth seas with a slight breeze and following sea, so it was a very comfortable run back to the dock. Backing into the dock was kind of interesting, the lines weren’t on the boat and already people were tabulating our catch and congratulating our anglers on their win !


Tournament Fishing 5/7/18

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