My charter wanted to go trolling in Palm Beach, so off we went! This was a change of pace for the Tuna Wahoo crew, as we don’t do a lot of trolling in Palm Beach, so we switched up the gear, changed the baits and headed straight out the inlet. We worked the water depths from 100 to 500 feet, but found most of our action at 150 feet, trolling from 4 to 6.5 knots. We found the Bonita in the shallower depths around 100 feet, and the rest of the fish out deeper. We worked our way to the south, getting just past The Breakers, and then we decided to put the kite up, put out some live Goggle Eyes and drift our way back to the inlet.

Final score was 1 sailfish, 1 blackfin tuna that pulled the hook right at the boat, 2 Skipjack tuna, 1 mahi, and 6 bonita. The customers had a great time, we had wonderful weather throughout the trip, but about the time I was getting ready to head back to the inlet a terrible storm front blew through on land. The only casualty of the trip, our kite line parted and our kite went for a swim. This could have been a very expensive accident but luckily we were able to get all of the fishing lines in, and motoring offshore we able to find the remnants of the kite rigging and the kite. We hung out offshore until the storm headed north, and visibility cleared and then ran back to the inlet and the marina on flat seas, nice and dry ! Back at the dock, all of our soggy friends were telling us how terrible the front had been, we missed all of the drama. I filleted up some of the catch and the charter treated themselves to a mahi and fresh tuna dinner at the marina restaurant. Not a bad way to end a fun filled day !


Trolling in Palm Beach 4/23/18

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