7 year old Jack took his father Jon fishing today on Tuna Wahoo for yellow tail snapper. I knew the wind would be coming from the east this morning, and Jon thought Jack might have an issue with the seas, but we decided to try and do some reef drift fishing while they were in Palm beach. I headed north again to some reef I hadn’t fished in a while. The seas were about three foot and Jack was holding his own while we motored along.

When we settled into our first drift I dropped a high low rig down to the bottom and could immediately feel the reef fish hammering away at the baits. I passed the rod to Jack, told him to wait a minute to let the fish eat the baits and then told him to start winding up. He was pretty excited to bring up a double header of yellow tail snapper. Jon was doing the same thing, and he soon had his rod doubled over with yellow tail snappers. The local shark population got pretty excited by all of this activity too and the next hooked yellow tail never made it up to the surface.

As quickly as Jack started catching fish, the mal der mer also caught up with him and we had to make a quick exit back to the inlet with a very uncomfortable seven year old. Back at the inlet we fished the inter coastal channel and caught Grunts, Lane Snappers, Remoras ( a first for me, I never caught them here !), and Sand Perch.  Jack almost fed his largest Lane Snapper to a full sized model of a Barracuda, but we were able to get that fish in with only gash on the top of it’s tail.

It was an action filled trip and I’m sure Jack is going to take his father fishing again in the future.


Yellow Tail Snapper Palm Beach 4/6/18

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