Yellowtails and Sharks were on the menu today because we were hosting the Rieder family with 3 children between 12 and 15.  We left the inlet at 8:00 and I headed north again because with these kids I knew I needed to supply lots of action.  I went to some new reef today and we began to catch bottom fish immediately. We were using squid and sardines as bait and the local residents found this pretty appealing. My anglers started keeping a list of the different species, and in no time we had yellowtail snappers, mangrove snappers, mutton snappers, sand tilefish, grunts, red coney’s, red grouper, grey trigger fish, unicorn file fish, and remoras,

In the meantime, while all this bottom fish mayhem was going on, I decided to put a slab of bonita on a shark rod and float that out past our bottom rods. It didn’t take too long before the 9 -0 reel started screaming and 15 year old Mitchell was hooked up to some prehistoric beast that was way bigger than him.

With a little help from mate John, Mitchell was able to get the fish under control and after a half hour fight his shark popped up for a photo session. After a couple of quick photos he was released to patrol his reef again.

After a few hours of non-stop action, we had drifted up to Jupiter so  I decided to take the group trolling to see if we could find a mahi or kingfish, and start heading back to our inlet. I trolled east out to 350 feet and then turned South and worked the drop off but no pelagics wanted to play. A front was coming through from the northwest so I was glad we were heading South and had very smooth sailing heading home. We pulled the lines in by the inlet and were back at the dock at 2 PM.


Yellowtails and Sharks 4/20/18

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