What do you do with three Fifteen year old boys and their parents ? Take them bottom fishing for Yellowtails, Bonita, Barracuda, and Sharks. Today’s trip required some planning and lucky for me it came off with out any hiccups. I knew I had to keep these young men occupied pretty quickly so I ran north up to some inshore reef I have been fishing the last couple of weeks.

Going on the drift my crew immediately started catching yellowtail snappers, nothing huge, and about half were throwbacks, but keeper yellowtails are great to eat, and on light rods the action was a lot of fun for the family.

While trying to catch yellowtails on a sardine rigged on a triple gang hook rig on a light rod, Michael got hammered and dragged around the back of the boat by something much larger than the yellowtails we had been catching. A few minutes later and with some coaching from John the mate, he was able to work up to the boat a 36 inch Barracuda.

When three of our bottom rods got doubled over and the baits bitten off I knew it was time to rig up the shark rod.  A slab of Bonita proved to be the magic bait as 5 minutes later the 9 – O reel was singing, and Christian was trying to slow down the shark’s progress. About 20 minutes later Christian’s tongue was hanging out and the shark was just getting warmed up. Eventually Christian was able to control the shark and bring it to the surface. and we were able to photograph the large Blacktip Shark.

I knew we had to start heading back to the marina, so I put the boat on a southern course and put out 7 trolling rods. During the run home we were able to land 4 bonita which will be used as bait on future trips. Back at the dock the yellowtail were filleted and the family had them for lunch at the marina restaurant.



Yellowtails, Bonita, Barracuda, and Sharks 4/18/18

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