Dave Cave and his buddies came out to play today and it didn’t take long before we were able to get the fish box dirty. I decided to take the gentlemen trolling first and then go on the drift. It didn’t take very long, trolling straight out of the inlet we got our first run off in 90 feet of water, and that turned out to be a nice King Mackerel. We continued trolling and soon we found a fat bonita. We then had a couple of short strikes that didn’t stay connected , which were probably bullet bonita. At that point I had enough of this and ran down south where we had been catching some very nice king Mackerel.

We put out a spread of live and dead baits and managed to hook up with a good King Mackerel. Unfortunately the struggle attracted the attention of a pod of porpoises and we ended up getting into a tug of war with one of them. Much to our dismay the treble hooks on the stinger rig straightened and the porpoise got a free lunch !

King Mackerel Palm Beach 5/11/19

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