Mark called me the other day and asked if I would take him and his wife fishing on Mother’s Day. it sounded like a great idea to me so off we went !

I headed south to where we have been having a pretty good King Fish bite, and we set up o the drift and sure enough the fish started biting. The only problem was they wouldn’t stay on the line ! We lost fish to pulled hooks (big Kings), and swallowed hooks (bigger kings!!) that cut the line. We probably lost 8 Kings today, more than I have ever lost previously, before number 9 stayed on the line. Some of the kings today were just plain huge.

After we boated Number Nine, we decided to go on an offshore troll. This proved to be non productive and I cut it short at 750 feet deep when I saw storm clouds building over the coast. We ran for the inlet and got to the marina with just a light sprinkle of rain, Mark and Leslie had a great time and I look forward to fishing with them again.

Charter Fishing Palm Beach 5/12/19

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